5 Tips for New Moms

Becoming a mom has been the most rewarding experience in my life. I absolutely love it (hello, I started a blog about motherhood)! But I won’t sugar coat it…some days can be tough. From sleep deprivation to a million opinions from your friends and family to information overload, being a first time mom can be overwhelming. Here are my top five tips to new moms that I wish I heard from the start

1. Do what feels best for your baby and you

Everyone and their uncle will have an opinion, but that’s all it is…an opinion. Do what feels best for your family, and ignore the others.

2. Don’t ask Dr. Google

Google does nothing but cause stress and fear. If you have a concern about your baby, talk to their doctor. Google will just stress you out.

3. Don’t overwhelm yourself with information

We live in an information age and it’s great, but it can lead to stress. It is great to be educated on the health and safety of your child, but be careful of information overload. Go back to my first tip and only do what feels right for YOU!

4. Make sleep a priority

In the first few weeks, you will be more sleep deprived than you have ever been in your life. Forget about the chores and any other to do lists. Get some sleep whenever you can.

5. Have fun!

Babies grow up so fast, so enjoy every minute of it!

Any tips you would like to add? Share them in the comments below!