About Me

Welcome to One Minute Mama, a lifestyle blog for busy mamas, written by a busy mama.

I’m Andrea, a first-time mom to a handsome little baby boy. I started this blog a day before having to return to work from my first maternity leave. I was not looking forward to going back to work, especially since I was starting a new job, at a new company, in a new city. To do this, I had to enroll my son in daycare. Leaving my son in daycare was emotionally painful for me, and I so very much needed a place to express my thoughts about this whole working-mom-life. So I got the idea of starting a blog and sharing my journey in motherhood with other fellow mamas.

I’m also an adult educator, and teaching is my passion. I hope that I can teach you some new things from time to time, and to learn from other fellow mamas (and papas!) as well.

I’m a busy mama, and so are you. Time is precious, and so are our children. This is why One Minute Mama posts take one minute to read or watch.

Join me on my journey through motherhood, and feel free to say hello anytime.