Best Sunscreen for Children

Being right into summer, a lot of us are spending a lot of time outdoors with our little ones. To stay safe, we cover them up to protect them from the sun and apply some sunscreen too. But what sunscreens are safe to use? There are many harmful chemicals in every day products that we use which some of us are not even aware of. A lot of people assume that if a product is made for babies that it must be safe to use, which can be far from the truth. Some companies just use the term baby so they can sell the same product that is sold to adults but targeted at a different consumer.

Now I am no expert, but I did reach out to a number of mamas and pharmacists for advice on what is the best sunscreen for babies. The consistency was that the only medical ingredient that should be in the sunscreen is zinc oxide. I personally use Badger for my son but I know there are many other great and natural products out there. It is more expensive than your regular sunscreen and comes on thick but it is safer than regular sunscreens sold in big box stores.

Is there a sunscreen you recommend that you have enjoyed using? I would love to try them so share them in the comments below.



One thought on “Best Sunscreen for Children

  1. I really like the boo brand or the Arbonne one! Those are the only two I am comfortable using on my baby… it’s super hard when they say you shouldn’t use sunscreen under 6 months but how do you not sometimes?

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